Book Project: «The Red Book of Cultural Marxism»

Book Project
The Red Book of Cultural Marxism

Ego de Kaska Foundation proposes to edit in 2020, through Ediciones Exodus, a special publication on the subject of Cultural Marxism.

The new left of Cultural Marxism emerges like a Phoenix from the collective unconscious. The class struggle has been displaced by the cultural struggle. The proletariat is dead, the history of gender struggle is free. Democracy constitutes the instrument of renewal of culture that strives for the creation of super-structural contractions sans phrase. The Marxist intelligentsia is transformed into a camouflaged proletariat.

The publication will be named: The Red Book of Cultural Marxism, with the participation of authors, intellectuals and specialists whose works revolve around the subject of cultural Marxism.

The texts will have a maximum length of 30 double-spaced pages, 12pt Times New Roman font, and delivered digitally in Microsoft Word.

The book will be published under the collective authorship of Ego de Kaska Foundation (as a compilation) and each text and author will be listed in the book’s index.

Proceeds from book sales will go to Ego de Kaska Foundation.

Design, layout and advertising of the book will be sponsored by Rafael Marrero & Company. No fees will be paid to authors. Each author will receive two copies of the book for free.

Authors participating in the book will submit a written consent to approve the publication requirements.

Send the texts to:

Work Schedule

Press release. Call / February 23rd, 2020

Website and Facebook design for book promotion / March 2020
Deadline for submission of texts by guest authors / May 30th, 2020
Edition and correction of texts / June 2020
Book design and layout / July 2020
Sale on Amazon / July 2020
Symposium (presentation) on the book / September 2020

Organizing Committee:
Rafael Marrero, PhD
Angel Velazquez, PhD
Roger Castillejo, M.A
Armando de Armas, B.A.
Antonio Ramos Zuniga, B.A
Mr. Denis Fortun